Correct way to change the exhaust diameter

There is the optimum size of the exhaust pipe diameter, which is the balance between the exhaust gas speed and the amount of exhaust gas. Too small diameter means that the speed of the exhaust gas is only a small amount, while if the exhaust diameter is too large, the exhaust gas speed is low even though the amount of exhaust gas is high. The car’s engine is like a pump engine, SUCK and WASTE. At least what is smoked is the same as the one that is thrown away. If there is no balance the engine is not suitable (there is no power, the pull will be heavy and wasteful)

Replacing or improving the exhaust system of four-wheeled vehicles is often the choice of modifying lovers. Not just looking for a better sound, the replacement of the exhaust can affect performance.

Sewer diameter should be adjusted to the capacity of the car engine carried.

That way the power produced is stable or even better than before. While using a drain with a setting size that is greater than the engine capacity will actually weaken the burst of power.

Also, you should pay attention to the exhaust filter. Because this includes an important component of the exhaust.

Some people think the bigger the channel will have a good influence on performance. In fact, this is not entirely true.

It will be fine as long as the exhaust diameter does not exceed engine capacity, for example 1,000 to 1,500 cc can still use popular pipes with a diameter of 2 inches. If 1,500 to 2,000 cc use 2.5 inches and so on.

There are two parts of the exhaust system that determine the sound, namely the resonator and muffler.


Resonators are placed behind the collector (header) or behind Catalytic Converter (CAT), if equipped with this tool. The working principle of a resonator is to use a wave reflection method and this will determine the basic tone of the sound. The longer the resonator, the more reflected / reflected waves interact with the incoming wave so that the sound becomes small (silent). There are some who call this resonator the term “Center Bullet” or Capsule.


Here are three types of muffler:

  1. Chambered
  2. Straight-Through
  3. Twin-Pass (Double Tail Pipe)